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Player NAME: Zs1 (Zee Ess One)
Current AGE: 28
Player TIME ZONE: -6 GMT / US Central / (Currently -5 DST)
Personal JOURNAL: OvermanZs1
IM & SERVICE: AIM - OvermanZs1
Player PLURK: Zappa_slave
Current CHARACTERS: I'm newwwwwwwwwwwwww

Character NAME: The Boy (Heretofore referred to as Lucas George)
Canon & MEDIUM: Secret of Evermore | Video Game
Canon PULL-POINT: Post game, however, it's not Podunk he returns to, after escaping Evermore.
Character AGE: Estimated 15
Character ABILITIES: For being a kid with no prior weapons training, he can handle a sword, club, axe and spear quite efficiently. Also he can handle a bazooka without having his arm broken!

Most importantly is his rudimentary knowledge of Alchemy. Unlike the popular version of Alchemy best known from FullMetal Alchemist, this alchemy is more along the lines of classic: Ingredient A + Ingredient B = Magical concoction C. Nothing explains how these objects are combined, or how they work afterward, it's just known that combining basic things (such as oil and wax for a Flash [simple ball of flame], or water and ashes for Acid Rain). I'd like to keep this ability, knowing that some ingredients (be they rare or made up) won't be available (like Mud Peppers, Meteorites, Atlas Amulets), I imagine some would be readily so (water, oil, gunpowder, ash, and so on).
To save space in the app, http://www.gamefaqs.com/snes/588645-secret-of-evermore/faqs/17695 in text and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLi0X5UHtog in vidja (which also includes the ingredients each formula uses).

Character HISTORY:
http://gaming.wikia.com/wiki/Secret_of_Evermore Here we go (this is the one I'm officially relying on)
http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/evermore/evermore.htm (more expansion on the plot. )
http://square.wikia.com/wiki/Secret_of_Evermore Square's is lacking (mostly for comedic viewing, as it's so very lacking)
http://secretofevermore.wikia.com/wiki/Secret_of_Evermore_Wiki (and more comedy/lacking)

"Lucas" was your everyday teenaged movie buff, until his dog chased a cat. While this is just nature, it led him to an abandoned mansion, and within, equipment that quickly teleported him to a virtual world thanks to said dog (Cappin) chewing on some cables.

Teleported into Evermore, Lucas finds himself forced on a great adventure just to find his way back to his own world (or reaity as it turns out.) Starting his adventure in "Prehistoria", a dinosaur age themed world, he meets the first of people who are trapped in "Evermore". In helping this girl, Elizabeth out, he'll make his way closer to getting himself, and her, home. He adventures through swamps, a mammoth graveyard, and a volcano before he's blasted to another world.

He awakens then in "Antiqua", a mixture of the prime of Egyptian and Grecian cultures in one world, and pirates. However, he's separated from his dog, which sets this new chapter into motion. Thanks to his dog, he becomes "The chosen one" and is sent of to gather two treasures that will help him get home. Running into Horace, who helps him get these treasures, he's duped by an evil clone of Horace, who's just trying to rule the major city in Antiqua. Saving the day here, Horace suggests he head north, which sends Lucas through a cave that drops him off in...

"Gothica", the Medieval age. It's here he meets the evil clone first of Queen Camellia. Under the impression that Ivor tower is a new, clean city, but there's nasty things and stragglers at Ebon Keep that need to come over post haste. After his dog saves itself from becoming dinner, they venture off, only to discover that Ivor Tower is actually pretty evil and twisted thanks to the evil clone, and the citizens don't know. Lucas has to venture BACK in order to stop the evil Camilla, save the king from demonic puppets, then help everyone move BACK over to Ebon Keep. Finally, he meets with a tinkerer which informs him that his brother is building a tower up to the heavens. At the top of this tower is another tinkerer, who helps complete a flying machine so Lucas can revisit his former locales of adventure to collect parts to repair a rocket to make his way up to "the heavens".

Which is actually the space station Omnitopia. Finally, Lucas meets Dr. Ruffleberg, who explains what all just went wrong. Sending Lucas on another fetch-and-boss quest, he's finally prepared to take on the computer that's been causing many a problem. However, when confronted with Carltron, Ruffleberg's butler-bot-gone-evil, it's Dr. Ruffleberg who saves the day by shutting him off as he explains his evil master plan. Lucas makes one last trip to the historical lands to gather up Elizabeth, Horace, and Carmilla so the five of them can finally head home.

While I did, yes, just run through the course of the game, Lucas, as the main character, is integral to the people trapped in Evermore to finally get home, while getting to experience an adventure not unlike those in the movies he's constantly referencing. It's noted that Lucas has no prior experience before Evermore of combat, magic, or dealing with the constant threat of creatures trying to kill him (even tumbleweeds). And yet, without protest, Lucas faces all these odds and saves several people from their 30 year prison. And yet, in the end, his return home is arranged to seem like a dream.

Character PERSONALITY: Just at a glance, Lucas looks like your everyday kid from some nobody town. A town with next to nothing new, no tourism, no attractions. Where the biggest place to go is the downtown strip, with all the shops, and the Bijou movie theater. Why's that important? Well, he's from a nobody town, (it's even named Podunk) with little to do but see whatever flick happens to be running during the boring Summer days. To that, Lucas has become an avid movie watcher. He'll watch 'em all, but his favorite are those B-and-below Sci-Fi movies. From no-name actors, corny dialog, cheesy plots and bad costuming; he loves the stuff. So much so that any time he's presented a chance, he make a comparison to any given movie, especially a unmemorable one liner from Captain Lief Meldrock in "Mars Needs Lumberjacks;" "I'm ready for anything"

And strangely enough, he is! Even before being sent on a dozen "I help you, you help me" quests, he bravely faces man-eating plants and velociraptors with a mere femur in his hand. To say he's brave is an understatement. Bold and reckless go along with this. With the only motivation of doing total strangers favors, time and again, Lucas faces danger, with little more than a quip or a movie quote to assess the danger he's in. In Nobilia (in Anqitua), his dog causes him to become 'The chosen one' which earns him a trip to the gladiator's arena, with this as his final words before battle "Here I am, about to take on some tooth-spitting, sword carrying, champion gladiator... and all I've got is a femur, a claw, and a stick!"

Cappin is Lucas's best friend (which he explains to everyone he meets). Whether Cappin looks like a ferocious beast, or a toaster, Lucas treats him all the same, taking the time to pet and play with him. Even though, on a few occasions, his dog has gotten in him a good bit of trouble, he still loves his pooch. It's not as though it's Cappin's fault anyway, "He just hasn't been himself lately." You're not likely to see Lucas and Cappin too far apart, heck, the boy even takes his dog to the movies with him! (Whether or not he's allowed inside is a different story!)

Chosen WEAPON: Bone Crusher. It's, actually, a bone, and the firstsecond weapon Luca gets in the game. A 'Femur of Fury' if you will... It's not known if it's a HUMAN femur, or that of a dinosaur. It's durability and bashing power suggest the latter.

Over time the bone will evolve, like dat magic, into steel, becoming not unlike a Grecian short sword. Later still it will re-temper itself, a stronger, thicker steel as it becomes a longer, typical knight's sword. And at it's peak of evolution, the blade surpasses it's metal confines, turning to pure energy. Not a light saber, but, a constantly existing blade of energy (that I would hope can be sheathed, because nobody needs a deadly night-light!). Each form is to represent the four "sword"-type weapons Lucas gets through the game, and through the ages.

Character INVENTORY: Lucas will be coming from the end of the game, but not all kinds of decked out as he would logically be (That'd be unfair!) He'll have with him (excluding the Bone Basher):
Virtual Vest under his normal vest (armor)
Protector Ring (armor)
3x Mud Peppers
1x Atlas Amulet
20x parts Water
10x parts Clay
10x Crystals
20x Roots
15x parts Wax
15x parts Oil
15x parts Ash
10x Acorns
5x parts Limestone
5x parts Iron

This will allow the following Alchemy formulas
Levitate (lifts things)
Atlas (Absurd amounts of POWER)
Heal (heals)
Defend (increases defense)
Speed (increases movement speed)
Flash (small fireball)
Clay Ball (flying lump of hard clay)
Acid Rain (rains acid)
Crush (giant falling stone fist)
Lance (magic falling lance)

In addition, I can, from what I gather, fathom the following ingredients can be found during his time in the RP, and possibly around the city (at mod discretion of course); Acorn, Ash, Bone, Clay, Feathers, Grease, Gunpowder, Iron, Oil, Roots, Vinegar, Water, and Wax
(this excludes; Atlas Amulets, Brimstone, Crystals, Ethanol, Limestone, Meteorite, Mud Pepper, and (wild) Mushrooms. Meaning some of his supplies are horribly limited in quantity, while others for other, unrelated formulas are available)

First PERSON: "Hey look, an audio-visual transmitter like in "Dr. Devious saves the World Tomorrow.". And it works! I wonder who I'm talking to on the other side?

Hello you? Are you animal, vegetable, or mineral? Do you know how to get to Podunk from here? Have you seen Mars Attacks XI: War For Planet Xevous?

I'm Lucas, and despite what I've heard, I'd still like to know how to get to Podunk from here? Its not a big town, but I've met a lot of people from there before. Hey, gotta have hope, right.

Oh, lm also looking for my dog. He's a Terrier, but he's also a greyhound, a poodle, a feral wolf, and a toaster.

Wait, not all at once, but, one of those. He hasn't been himself lately. He answers to Captain, so, find me if you find him.

Lucas took a good long look at the dated, obscure documents on ancient, 'Old World' alchemy. It was the closest thing he could find on what HE was able to do. Back and forth he went between the text and what he was taught, while rolling an acorn around in his hand. "You know, it's like I've got some kind of special power or something. This doesn't work at all like this book says. But, I DID learn it in Evermore. " With a sigh, he takes a bowl, and a mixing spoon. "Okay, so, according to this it's just like..." Lucas pours some water and some ashes of burnt paper into the bowl and starts stirring.

And he stirs.

And he stirs...

Then he starts mashing at it, pressing the rounded wooden spoon down into the muddy concotion. "Just like Major Harold in "Cookbooks for Planet Academia" said, "That's the worst cake recipe I've ever seen since I moved out of Ma's place.". It's really about as much as I expected to happen doing it that way. And yet..." Lucas digs into his pocket and pulls out an ingot of iron. In his other hand, he holds the same acorn again. With confidence, he smashes the two together, which instantly becomes a glowing lance.

However, before he can start analyzing the comparison between alchemical executions, the lance takes off more like a rocket, plowing through the wall and off into the air outside. the whole sudden experience, which he would've seen coming any other time he'd done that, sends him reeling and knocking him flat on his backside. "Holy smokes! I nearly forgot about that! Maybe this text is just totally out of date? Or totally fictitious!"

Pet request: Lucas's best friend and battle companion, The Dog, or "Cappin" (Jokingly named after so many "awesome space Captains" from all the movie he's seen. While Cappin is typically a Scottish Terrier, he's changed forms depending on what location in Evermore he was in; a primitive feral hound in Prehistoria, a greyhound in Antiqua, a large pink poodle in Gothica, and a toaster dog in Omnitopia. For missions, I'd like to have Cappin transform into one of these four combat-capable dogs, however for everyday mulling about, he'll remain a terrier.
Outside of mysteriously transforming, Cappin isn't anything special or magical. He still looks, barks, fetches, claws, digs, mauls, sniffs, eats, and sleeps like an ordinary dog. The only particularly extraordinary thing that he quite commonly sniffs out Alchemy ingredients. I don't see this coming into play as anything major, or during everyday incidents, but perhaps an extra ingredient reward after missions?


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